About Us


TBFEA academy is a professional team of traders, TBFEA team is a international team that join together to create educational trading E-books, Financial market indicators, Robots and free educational blogs and contents  ( You can read our blogs or follow our Instagram page @TBF_EA) .

We believe every financial market has high risk to lose money and we should reduce the risk of market by getting help from advisors and high quality indicators, Also we should update our knowledge everyday by reading E-books, blogs and ETC

So we have decided to create E-books, Indicators and robots to help us and our professionals and beginners clients to trade more safe.

Our team is a international team that based on different countries. 

TBFEA Main office is based in Istanbul, Turkey

    -  Legal team

    -  Accountant 

    - Customer service

TBFEA second office is based in London, UK

    - Developer team

    -  Technical team