About Us

Welcome to TBF EA

TBFEA is an experienced group of  professional traders and programmers. We believe that successful currency trading requires knowledge, experience smart tools and a disciplined approach to the market. 

We started this portal because we have a genuine interest in trading and have seen a lot of pitfalls and also a lot of professionals with different trading platforms.

FX is market of history, it means in this market you should consider all the past data from charts, So TBFEA team decided to create smart MT4 and MT5 tools to give you all the past data that you need in few second. This tools will help you to save your time and give 100% focus on your trades.


TBFEA Main office is based in Istanbul, Turkey

    -  Legal team

    -  Accountant 

    - Customer service

TBFEA second office is based in London, UK

    - Developer team

    -  Technical team